Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Button Pendant Necklace

Hello everyone! 

It's time for me to show you another DIY project out of buttons from Lots of buttons!

This project will show you how to make a beautiful button into a beautiful pendant necklace.

The steps are a bit tricky, but still easy to follow. 

And this is just my way of doing it, I'm sure you can find another way to make it even more simpler, but I had to do with the supplies I had. 

Buttons used: Bethany (and lost Marquis...)

So, first I took one wire that had a loop on one end and made another loop on the other end.

And so I put this wire through the shank of the button. 

Through each loop I attached one end of the wire.

I ''filled'' the spaces between the shank and the wire with some more wire. I'm pretty sure there are other ways too, but at that time I had no idea what else to do. But this works just fine, just make sure there aren't any sharp edges stick out.

Here is another version, a bit more vintage :)

I'm sure you can find a beautiful button from the site, so check it out and maybe you'll make a pendant necklace too :)

Have a nice day!

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