Saturday, 11 January 2014

I got my driving licence!

Hey there :)

I know, I are probably thinking, who does she think she is, not posting anything...

It's just really busy in school this year, because I've got my finals and I can even craft or watch movies, but I try. I really do. But I don't think those crafts are so good for a post on my blog.

I'm trying and I hope that in summer I'll have a lot of time to get back on track :)

But anyways, I have to tell you, that I just made my driving licence and I can officially drive now :D 

In Slovenia you can get your driving licence at the age of 18 and have to have a lot of driving lessons, unlike in the USA. And the test on the end isn't that easy, because I've heard some pretty ridiculous reasons why someone has failed - one, for example, didn't know how to adjust the outside mirrors ...

Oh well...I am happy, because I spend a lot of money on this licence and because of my financial status I am relieved.

Day before the exam, we received tragic news from Canada, so I was even more nervous of my driving. 

RIP and hope I'll always be on a safe journey with my car.

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