Monday, 21 July 2014

Earring Holder DIY

Hey everyone!

I wanted to post this project for a long time, because I made my holder a long time ago, but I messed it up, so I didn't want to post my one, so I made another one for my friend, who has like a million earrings.

To make this holder you just need wire (the thicker, the better) and clay. 

I had a thinner wire, so I had to wrap it together that it became strong enough to hold the weight of the whole structure.

I think the process of making it is clear. 
The three vertical wires are crossed and joined with a clay disc with a horizontal wire. 

The lower part is made from a strong wire structure that holds all the wires up. And because you really want it secure and prettier just cover it with clay.
And because there is a lot of free space I decided to make a cup like end, where you can store smaller earrings or use it for more dangling earrings.

And for the final touch sand and paint :)

I came up with the design because I wanted something not so big, but big enough for all my earrings. So here it is :) It does take quite some of your time, but after you see the final product it's very nice and useful :)

Hope you like it! And if you make one for yourself, contact me! I'm curious what colors and ideas you'll come up with :)

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