Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Strings: Flowers

Not finished...sorry!
Small and cute flowers that can last forever! And they are super easy to make :)

You just need:
- colourful strings ( + green)
- a wooden stick

But first, get yourselves in a good mood with some good music by your favorite artist and grab a fork!
You will vrap the coloured string around it ( the bigger the fork, the better it will look ) and vrap it around several times till you think it will be ok. Oh, and be careful, the string can easily slip off the fork which means you need to start over :D So hold it real tight!

When that is complete, make a small double knot on the center and pull it off the fork. 

Now you just cut one side off the ''bow'' and leave the other one like it is. 

You are almost done, you just need to wrap the other side of the ''bow'' with green and put a wooden stick through it (watch the first picture).

Paint the stick green and you have a nice flower :)

Experiment with colours!
Make many more and you can make a nice bouquet :)

PS: Sorry because these aren't finished, I wanted to post another DIY as soon as possible and I hope you don't mind because they aren't painted green and in a bouquet... :)

Please do send me pictures if you make by this tutorial on nicholon.ema@gmail.com

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