Monday, 2 July 2012

Hmmm...Thank you!

So, I was thinking ... thinking really hard!
And I've discovered how much would mean to me that I would actually have someone reading my blog.
Yeah, Im pretty sad right now, because I want to make things right here, but I don't have that much time now ( I'm making money in a door factory) and experience (this is my first blog and even this one is only a month old)
But I don't really know what to do. I made myself a facebook profile (I didn't have it before) so I could propagate my blog. ''Sadly'' Im not that kind of person that likes to spam every site it sees and uses it for its own use. I've done it like three or four times and it didn't work out.
So I was thinking how to get more followers....yeah, I didn't remember anything good xD Actually nothing...Which makes me even sadder..
But YOU! yes you, you are welcome to my blog, even if you are just passing by. Thank you :)
I would be very happy even if I would have just one reader :)

I promise I will do better! :)

Facebook: (feel free to add me :) Im pretty lonely there :)

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