Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Strings: Hats

Sorry I was abstinence for a while now, I was with my relatives on the other side of the state. But, Im back home, so here is one of my favorite designs I have made.

Because I really like hats and  when I saw this design in a magazine I quickly made about 15 small hats like this, but I gave them to my friends like gifts. And besides, they are super easy to make.

All you need:
bottlecaps, strings, magnets, decorations (pearls, wrapping strings, ...)

You start in the middle of the bottlecap and you turn around the string...
The start is always annoying, but you can help yourself with a long, thin object, like a toothpick or anything like that to hold the string in place till the glue dries. And from there you just add glue and in a circular design  add the string.

When you come at the end of the bottle cap, you place it on a stronger paper and work your way on there. When you reach the desirable size of the hat, you cut the string and glue it in place. I like to put one more coat of glue over the top of the string just to make it a bit harder.

Now, you can play with designs. You can put wrapping strings or pearls or flowers or anything you can imagine :)

At the end, you put a magnet on the back of it with a strong glue or silicon, and there you go, a nice decoration for your fridge.

Postcards from all over the world and my little hats :)

Try out some of your designs and send me a picture to nicholson.ema@gmail.com :)

                                                                                                                               Emma Nicholson


  1. These are SO CUTE. I'll definitely have to try and make them :)

    1. Oh please do send me some pictures! :D
      I would really like to see your design! :)