Thursday, 7 June 2012

Napkins: Cardboard Box

I love making unusable, boring and ugly things into something that is both interesting to look at + usable. 

So I had this box, which was ugly brown colour, like any other box on this world. And I thought, why don't I cover it in my favorite napkin and use it for storage :)
So I did! :D

You need: 

- a box, you want to decorate
- a napkin with a pattern you like
- mat varnish (I have Marabu - Aqua matt varnish)               
- some clean brushes
- some time :)

You first colour the box in bright blue or any colour which you like, and will go good with the napkin. Then  you start with separating the napkin. You only need the upper layer of it (it usually has 3 layers), and then you place it on the box, and starting from the middle of it, you apply the varnish. You slowly work out until you finish. You can have some problems with applying too much varnish, so you can tear up the napkin. And be gentle!

You do this on the whole box. When you finish, you run through with the varnish again, just to make it more sure about making it harder and waterproof.

I love this box very much, because of its colour and pattern. I am using it for storage my other works :)

I hope I gave you some inspiration :)

                                                            Emma Nicholson

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