Monday, 15 October 2012

I've made another button ring...

I made it for my schoolmate :)

Now, I had A LOT of problems with this one!  First normally I chopped down the back of the button, and then I had to faille a very big piece of leftovers... And trust me, it wasn't pleasant...

From there, I glued the ring base to the button...At first it seemed like a piece of cake, but I saw that there was a hole between the button and the ring base, so I had to file it more...

When I attached the base again, the ring broke..Luckily I had another golden ring base, so I put on that one.

And when I gave the ring to this friend, this one too broke. I was so angry and I felt humiliated in front of her. But I didn't give up, I was determent to make things right!

I bought my good ''old'' silver ring bases and even though it wasn't so nice as it would be with a golden base, I was satisfied with the result :)

Have you seen my first post of my button rings? Click on the photo :)

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