Monday, 8 October 2012

Goodnight Vienna

Yeah, I was there too :D with my school ...

So, I don't know what can I tell you...We went there, again for Christmas and we visited the Upper Belvedere which was transformed into a gallery of some very fine works, such as Klimt's Kiss. And t
he place is stunning! I felt like a queen there :) 

see the pictures of inside on the net!
Of course we saw the great hundertwasser house!

These cute little kittens were in a shop near hundertwasser

And of course we went to see the city a bit. And we had an hour and half of free time, so me and my friends were on a hunt for a good shop...yeah I in such a magnificent city. But we are young, so why not :)

St Stephens Cathedral
I recommend visiting Vienna, not because it is a famous city just by it's name, but because of the good atmosphere it has!

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