Friday, 25 January 2013

Button Rings III

I really fell in love with making rings, but I promise I'm going to take a break making them for a while now :D

These are also from Lots of buttons, but are a bit different from the others. It wasn't that easy to make them. They had a big hole in the back, so I needed to fix that.

With what? Fimo of course :D

Here two buttons here are called Glenna and Latosha.

Cut and sand the back of the button first. 

Take a matching coloured Fimo and push it really good on the back.
Make sure it's flat and carefully take it out. Then just put it in the oven as it says on the packaging.

When that's done, simply glue it on the back, and on top of that glue the ring base :)

Check out my first and second tutorial on button rings.

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