Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lovely button rings!

And here it is! The DIY project containing my beautiful buttons from Lots Of Buttons!

As you all know, I won a voucher on a contest on Cut out and Keep for this wonderful site.

I picked 20 different buttons for one reason. I won with button rings, but now I want more of them! So ... I made rings out of buttons! And I think I've picked well :)

Let’s see how I made them!

Here I used: 
- buttons Erlinda, JanieRikki, Mazie, Layne, Elza, MilagroBethany and Misty
- silver ring base
- pliers
- sand paper
- super glue

First, I cut the back of the button, and if that was needed, sanded it a bit.

Figure out how you want the ring pattern to be. After that I added some super glue (E6000 would be the best) on the ring base, which I bought in a local craft store, and glued these two together.

And that's it! It cannot get any simpler. I hope you like it as much as I do! I'm really in love with them.

And every Monday I'll be posting one ring at the time, so you'll get a closer look at them :)

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