Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Rounded boxes

When you finish decorating a gift with a wrapping tape, you can end up with a piece of plastic or a  rounded box, but for that, you need to give it some love.

First I've made a hole in to one of the ''boxes'' and then I glued two together.

Then I've painted the box with some old blue acrylic colour like ten times...It really is not the best choice, so I recommend maybe a spay paint. But I didn't have that back then so ... Protect it with some matt varnish and you're ready to go on.

After that I've made some small clay Greek men and vases and glued them on, to give it some life, and I think it came out good :)

Finish off with a felt bottom :)

The red one was made with some rounded labels that were removed after the coating with acrylic paint. 

There are lot of possibilities so if you are inspired to make them, feel free to show off with them :)

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