Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Button Earrings!

Hello Everyone!
As from now on, I'll be making tutorials for Lots of buttons, from their gorgeous selection of buttons!

And I think that you will see that making beautiful things, crafts with buttons, really isn't hard. It's easy! You just need some imagination, inspiration and time :)

Check out my first tutorial from their selection here.

Now let's check this tutorial :)

I fell in love with Bethany, I can't deny that. And because you can purchase different sizes, I bought two 14 mm and made them into earrings :)

I cut the back of the buttons and sand the rest as much as you can. You really want your buttons as flat as possible.

Then superglue it to the earring base :) Wait through the night to dry. 

And there you have it :) Nice and unique earring most of your friends won't even know that they are buttons! :) And that's the point! Buttons can be used everywhere! :)


  1. Nice earrings !!! i never imagined that it was buttons !