Sunday, 26 May 2013

Button Rack

Hello everyone! How about making yourself a nice button rack for your necklaces and bracelets?! :)

I was inspired to make this kind of a project when I saw similar projects on Pinterest. But instead of using old cabinet knobs, I used buttons!

Let's get started!

You need:

 - a desk 
 - buttons from Lots of buttons (EmelineBellHellen and Portia)
 - bottle corks
 - rope

1. Start with painting the desk you are going to use. I'm in love with the combination of dark blue and white, so this is my version.

The white frame should be cracked.... Yeah right. Not with an 100 years old cracking varnish...

2. And then figure out the layout. 
I wanted a part just for bracelets, to the one that has the least space is for them, the others are reserved for long necklaces :)

3. Glue the buttons on the bottle corks (paint them before, if needed).

4. And then you just want to hang the rack somehow. I made a braid and glue it on the back side.

5. Decorate as you wish and you are done! :)

How do you display your necklaces? :) Would you make something like this? :)

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