Sunday, 19 May 2013

Paper boxes

Hello everyone!
Let's make some boxes! 
I have tons of pattern paper and I need some ideas what to do out of it. So yeah, here is a small and cute box, perfect for a small attention gift for someone you care about :)
Start with the box lid...The template is mine, so the measures are a bit strange, but I made it by using another box... trust me? :D The starting square is 20,3 x 14 cm, if it helps.

When you cut the template and transfer it to the paper, fold the edges and glue the rightmost and the leftmost part.

 Then just fold everything together.

You should get it like this :)

Now the super-duper template is here...Cut and make the edges.

Glue the 2 bottom parts together and apply the double sided tape to the far bellow part and glue it together.

And if you don't like the bottom, you can glue a square on it.

Fold the parts in, and the last should be the longest.

Viola! You are almost complete! Just fill the box and decorate as you wish :)

Oh, got to go. Two hard exams are waiting for me this week! Wish me luck!

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