Saturday, 10 August 2013

London II

So let's continue a brief description of my trip to London :) If you missed the first part, read it here.

Day five!

Trafalgar Square with the National Gallery. Love the Gallery. It's very big, has many interesting and known works, but I would be in just some parts where the most known paintings are. 
And that was about it for this day... We went around the city till the afternoon.

Day six!
We took a look in Albert and Victoria Museum which is even huger, but it has so many works and if you know what you want to see, you just go there. You can really get inspired by all the displayed things :)
Afterwards we went to see Royal Albert Hall and his Memorial. Afterwards we went to Harrods and took a look inside. So luxurious :D
Oh, and very close to Harrods there is the Ecuador Embassy where Julian Assange is. And on the third of July he was celebrating his birthday :)

Day seven!
Buckingham Palace was indeed a must-see. The Queen was home, but she didn't came to show herself...Oh well, now she has a baby George to take care of :)
And then we went to St. Pancras - international station. And inside there is a statue called The Meeting Point, featuring images from the history of the Tube and train: people queuing on platforms or travelling in carriages; soldiers departing for war and returning injured, and repair works following the 7 July 2005 London bombings. 

Day eight!
Last day to enjoy the great city. We went to see the horse guards exchange. Now if you like horses and you feel like standing there for an half an hour, go. But it isn't that interesting to watch. Well at least for me. 
Because I like London as a city, we walked up and down and saw wonderful architecture, interesting shops, people...well it's very different as here in Slovenia. So yeah, if you go there, go around and experience London a bit differently.

Day nine!
We had to get up early in the morning and run to Hammersmith station to catch the first train to Liverpool Street Station. And from there on we took the Teravision bus and got to the airport soon enough to have some breakfast. And from there on we flew to Trieste Airport. Our relatives came to pick us up and took us to Nova Gorica, but there my journey didn't stop, because I stayed with them for two weeks.

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