Sunday, 17 March 2013

Button Pins!

Hello everyone! 
I have to publish a new project for Lots of buttons today :)
And today I have a cute and easy DIY that everyone can make to look their home a bit more fun :)

Yes, Button Pins. Why? Because I have some cork tiles on which I pin all sorts of things - postcards, messages, funny notes, coupons, etc. And I wanted to make those dull pins into something more colourful and fun :)

Now, if you visited Lots of buttons, you could see that they have a really huge selection of buttons :D And that's very good, because people have different tastes, so everybody has different criteria on what is beautiful, fun or pretty.

For this project you'll need: 
- some buttons, used here are Mathew, Stacia and Tyler.
- drawing pin (push pin), not the ones on the picture...sorry..
- super glue

First, cut the back of the button and sand it till it's flat.

Then, glue the pin and the button together and wait till it dries.

And after that you can use your new pins in your office or at home :) 

I bet people will look at them with that look...''Oh, this is a button?! Wow, I really like the way it looks!'' 

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