Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I was right...

I hoped that I would be wrong. But no, I was right, at the sea side it was horrible. They all fought and screamed. 
But I don't want to talk about these bad things.

I want to talk about how I left Earth and got to my dream world.

First, you must know that I was in a very old city in the mediterranean, full of old houses in a very bad condition. But that gives you that special feeling that you are alone in peace, enjoying yourself while walking through narrow streets with all those houses. Every where you looked you could see something that was absolutely stunning! For instance, a beautiful mediterranean house, the facade was old brown with green windows or any other old houses all around you!

This picture is from the internet...
But here is the best part! They had an antique shop. I went there to relax my mind, to talk with the owner which was a great man, not that old, but with a great mind and experience. He told me to follow my dream, no matter what. But about my dreams some other time...

On saturday they had a fair and on one stand there was a woman with her hand-made work and she also told me to follow my dreams, because I am young enough to still do that. I bought earrings and a tulip.

She told me how to make these tulips, so stand-by because maybe one day I will make one or two :)

Well this is this, I don't have any pictures for what I am sorry!

I will post another DIY soon! Probably on friday!

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