Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Part Two: Provence

Part One

Next it was Orange. We stopped to see the theatre, where they still act.

We saw a triumphal arch from the bus and I took pictures of it because I wanted to have at least one good picture...I didn't know we were in a rondo, so yeah...I've got it from all sides :)

Next it was Avignon, the city where had the Pope lived in the 14. century. The Papal palace is really magnificent. To bad they were renovating some of the parts of it, but it was still amazing because of it's size and interesting architecture. 

Of course we had to see the Roman aquaduct, near Avignon (at least I think so, hmmm...)

I immediately fell in love with this house

Only in Avignon I have seen lavender ''field'' and here is my post where are some pictures :)

On our last day, we visited the famous Cannes. You must know the city's film festival.

My brother is a big fan of Akira Kurosawa

We went to the beach to cool ourselves down a bit :)
And at last, we were in Nice. We went to the Chagall Museum, where his fine and interesting works are displayed. You can see more of his work HERE.

And that will be it...Provence is a beautiful destination to see...everything! I would say it is totally opposite of Tuscany (  if you hadn't seen yet, you can see my Three days in Tuscany post, not so many pictures tho...) because of the turism... But if you like bigger towns with more to see, I think Provence would be good for you :) Oh, and be sure you go to the countryside too! Don't be like me, and don't see the lavender fields...that is a shame if you do not do it...Trust me I know!

Well, I hope that you liked my little two part presentation of my short trip to France :)

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