Monday, 17 June 2013

I have to tell you something...

I'm not Emma Nicholson.

I'm Tesa Januška from Slovenia. I'm an eighteen year old high school student and I like to craft.

I used to be Emma Nicholson. But that's not me. I've changed all my accounts to my real name.

For those who have followed me for this year, I'm sorry. I kinda lied to you.
I used Emma Nicholson to be my guardian on the internet. I never wanted my friends to know about my blog.

I recently won a book on Cut out and Keep, and the name that was posted to was Emma Nicholson...and my uncle, who is a postman, didn't like that at all...And I've had it. 

So here I am! I have a clear conscience and I am very relieved.

I hope you understand and won't be mad or anything :)

Thank you!

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