Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I just realised...

...that it's been a year since I started my blog!
Actually a year and 2 days...

Congratulate me, because I really didn't believe I would survive a year. But I really enjoy blogging. I know I'm not the best blogger and my English is still not perfect, but I'm learning! You can't judge me :)

So, how am I doing....
Well, I've just passed 5000 of readers...not much for a year, but I'm still very grateful to all of those who came and maybe just looked at my projects, movies, ... :) 
That means you too, yeah you, who is reading right now! 

Thank you!

And some other interesting facts:
- I've posted 32 different DIY projects, you can check them all on the DIY Projects page
- 34 different movies, which can be viewed on the Movie Thursdays page
- 5 travel destinations from my perspective, yes they are all on the travel page (more to come very soon, as you know I'm going to London in a few weeks!)
- and 11 pieces from my home that I love on the Small Peek page! :D

1. I promise I'll be working on my English.
2. I promise I'll be making more wonderful, interesting DIYs.
3. I promise I'll never forget to post another Movie Thursdays...
4. I promise I'll watch good movies.
5. I promise I'll try to open up a bit to you. You still don't know who I really am...No I'm not Emma Nicholson..

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