Saturday, 22 June 2013

One year more!

sola gim 006
My school - Gymnasium Slovenj Gradec
Yesterday I was at the ceremony at the end of school, when our principal gives us our certificates that we made the year and can go on in the next school year :)

It was damn hot! 
At the moment there are 32° C outside and I can barely breathe... So imagine 300 people in a gym all seated, and the sun ruthlessly shining on us. Thanks for my concern on the looks of the certificate, I brought a big blue folder with me. So just  imagine me with that folder waving around like crazy.

After that me and my friends went to the park and have some good 
time :) I like the park. Especially when there are a lot of people and I just go around to every bench there is and have a little chit chat with someone. 

I could say that I was very successful this year, but I wasn't ''excellent''. I don't know about you Americans or British, but here in Slovenia you get a final grade on how well you did in school.
There are marks:
(1) insufficient, which means you didn't make the class.
(2) sufficient, you were OK, but pretty bad ..
(3) good, you are somewhere in the middle ..
(4) very good, that's me... but it I had one subject more completed with a excellent grade, I would have been;
(5) excellent, which is the best, you have most of the subjects completed with a 5 (excellent).

Oh well, I still have one year of high school ahead! Maybe next year, but now I think I'll stop thinking of school and enjoy the summer ...

First stop: LONDON!

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